Muslim Social Media Celeb Shumirun Nessa Blasts Trans Influencer For Several Posts ‘Grooming’ Children


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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TikTok creator Shumirun Nessa, who goes by the username “The Real Overload Comedy,” has gone viral for her videos blasting trans activist Jeffrey Marsh.

Nessa posted a video to her TikTok on Feb. 24 captioned, “TO ALL PARENTS AND GUARDIANS PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND KEEP YOUR MUNCHKINS SAFE!” In it, she responded to activist Jeffrey Marsh, saying people should “stop telling trans people [they] are inspirational.”

“Stop telling kids to go on your Patreon and chat to you privately without their parents knowing!” Nessa responded in the video.

Nessa was referencing one of Marsh’s viral videos. He is a self-described non-binary content creator who markets his content to children, in which he tells viewers to contact him “in a way that has more privacy so that we can talk to each other in a way that is more open, and stuff that we wouldn’t share in the comments of a video like this.” (RELATED: ‘That Would Technically Be Homosexual’: Podcast Panel Implodes When Guest Says He Wouldn’t Have Sex With A Trans Woman)

Marsh has also gone after parents whom he considers “toxic gatekeepers for their child.”

“Meaning, the parent decides who’s good, who’s bad, who we like, who’s one of us, who’s not one of us, who we hate,” Marsh said.

In a more recent video posted Monday, Nessa responded to attacks from other TikTokers who claimed she was being transphobic for criticizing Marsh.

“I made this video NOT because they are trans, I would have created the same video for anyone who is trying to harm kids! PERIOD!” she said in the video’s caption.

“These people have also said they are not talking to the kids. So I did a little big of digging,” Nessa said, displaying a compilation of Marsh addressing his videos to kids.

Nessa waded into the pronoun debate earlier in a video posted Feb. 15, responding to a video of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro reacting to a video of a woman saying she had “pronouns e/em/eir/eirs or xe/xem/xyr/xyrs.”

“I’m trying to do the pronoun thing, I’m having a tough time,” Shapiro says in the video after trying to pronounce the woman’s pronouns. Nessa ended the video by laughing at Shapiro’s jokes.