Police Arrest Teacher For Allegedly Recording Students In Bathroom


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Hidden recording devices were reportedly found in a high school restroom, leading to the arrest of a teacher.

Irvine Police Department arrested Siu Kong Sit on Monday for allegedly planting the device in the Beckman High School all-gender bathroom, according to a department press release.

A contracted maintenance worker discovered the recording devices by the bathroom adjacent to the pool. He alerted administrators, who called the police. (RELATED: Police Charge School Custodian After He Allegedly Hid In Ceiling To Film Girls Changing In Bathroom)

Detectives say the devices resembled smoke detectors.

Both children and adults were recorded in two separate bathrooms, according to KCAL News.

Investigations led to the indictment of Sit, a Beckman High School robotics instructor. He was employed by the school for eight years.

The 37-year-old Santa Ana resident was booked at Orange County Jail for possession of child pornography, burglary and two misdemeanor charges.

“He never really seemed like that type of guy. He was super nice, you know, he would crack jokes and stuff in class, you know, and he taught well. It’s just really surprising,” Raffi Dulgerian, a Beckman High School student said.

Additional victims are being sought out by investigators based on evidence found on the devices.

“At this time, the district does not know any specific details related to…how long the devices were in the restroom or any information related to the content that may be recorded, a statement by Donnie Rafter, the Beckman High School principal, said.