Canadian Police Tell People With Lost Baggage To Reach Out To TikTok Influencer For Help

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Emily Cope Contributor
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A Canadian woman who took to TikTok to complain about lost luggage now says police are referring people to her for help in finding their own luggage.

In January, Nakita Rees went viral on TikTok after a posting series of videos alleging that Air Canada had donated her husband’s lost luggage to charity. Now, in her latest TikTok, Rees said other Air Canada travelers who believe their own lost luggage was donated to the same charity have also been filing police reports. Rather than assisting the individuals in obtaining their bags, however, Toronto police are allegedly referring people to Rees for help. (RELATED: Woman Says Air Canada Donated Her Luggage To Charity)

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“More people filing reports with Toronto police about their ‘lost’ luggage being in the storage facility,” Rees said in the video. “And their response … TO CONTACT ME!!!!!!”

“Didn’t know I was a detective working for Toronto police? DO BETTER!!!!” she added.

After filing a lost bag report with Air Canada, Rees and her husband tracked their suitcase with an Apple AirTag. Rees said they watched the suitcase be transferred to numerous processing facilities before sitting in a public storage facility for three months with no follow-up from Air Canada.

After six calls with the airline, which Rees said repeatedly “brushed [them] aside,” Rees’ husband decided to visit the storage facility himself. It was there that Rees said the couple found luggage piled from floor to ceiling, including bags containing iPads and laptops and with AirTags still beeping. The couple then got the police involved, who after obtaining a warrant, discovered the facility was owned by a charity.

“Our luggage was donated to a charity on behalf of Air Canada because they deemed it lost even though we were tracking our luggage for the last four months,” Rees said in one TikTok video.

Rees encouraged others in similar situations to “email the executives” and “push, push, push because they will not do anything or change until enough people start spreading the word.”

Rees told BlogTO that the police advised one woman to try the same approach of taking to social media to get a response from Air Canada or Pearson International Airport. But according to Rees, Air Canada has still not provided follow-up.

“Air Canada has provided absolutely no comment,” she told the outlet. “I have not heard a peep from them. Nothing at all.”