CJ Stroud Names Michael Vick, Deshaun Watson And Joe Burrow When Asked Who He Looks Up To

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Wait, what?

Coming out of Ohio State as a star, top NFL draft pick CJ Stroud was speaking to reporters while at the combine, and he revealed the three NFL QBs that he looks up to: Michael Vick, Deshaun Watson and Joe Burrow. And with Vick and Watson in particular having off-field issues in their career, it raised some eyebrows from people around the league.

Although Vick has done a solid job of rebuilding his reputation (though it still precedes him), Watson is still dealing with issues, and with how puzzling Stroud’s picks were, he was roasted for it on social media.

The Burrow pick I completely understand, the dude is a wizard in the pocket, but I’m a bit confused on the Vick and Watson picks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I personally love Vick being from Virginia myself and being a fan of his game when he was with the Atlanta Falcons (and he had some swag with the Philadelphia Eagles too), but — dog fighting shit aside — that would not make me feel comfortable as an NFL scout.

He should have said, “Michael Vick’s mobility minus the injury issues.” (RELATED: Korean Company Hvnd Studio Is Making Replica Jordans, And They’re Apparently Better Than The Real Ones)

I think that answer would have gone over so much better.

As far as Watson, from a PR perspective, that man is way too controversial to talk about right now, let alone compare yourself to. I at least understand the Vick pick, but holy crap, picking Watson is just horrible for your brand.

CJ Stroud obviously needs help in the public relations department. Get a better agent, king.