Brawl Breaks Out In St. Louis Battlehawks-D.C. Defenders Game That Sees Helmets (And Literal Lemons) Flying

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When life throws you lemons… You brawl!

The D.C. Defenders and St. Louis BattleHawks squared off in Week 3 XFL action Sunday, with the Defenders getting the 34-28 victory to go 3-0 on the season. However, it was an outright brawl at the end of the game that would steal the spotlight.

Davin Bellamy, a defensive lineman for the Defenders, sacked St. Louis quarterback A.J. McCarron to put a bow on D.C.’s win. However, while players were heading over to the sidelines, a scuffle broke out between players which then exploded into an outright brawl, with officials and coaches from both sides trying to break things up.

Referees threw several flags in an attempt to calm down tensions, as well as to prevent the benches from completely clearing, which appeared to fail to inflame the fight even more. Three players ended up being ejected.

I feel like we need more of this in football.

Just think about it. It’s like in hockey. What do you pay attention for the most?

Big hits and fights, and when a fight breaks out in hockey, they let the fight happen until somebody drops on the ground. Why can’t we do the same thing in football?

I’m serious, let’s embrace fights and massive brawls with thrown helmets and lemons, it’s already a violent sport. I mean, damn, could you imagine the entertainment value from something like that? (RELATED: Video Has Leaked Of Jackson Mahomes Allegedly Sexually Assaulting A Woman, And It’s Pretty Damning)

Then all of a sudden, football would have their own version of big hits and fights (and lemon-throwing), having a hockey appeal with a sport that is already incredibly marketable.

Just think about it, Roger Goodell. You too, NCAA. And just let it happen, XFL. This shit is so great.