Champion Wrestler Triggers Fury By Throwing Drink In Small Child’s Face During Match


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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AEW (All Elite Wrestling) star Maxwell Jacob Friedman threw a drink at an innocent child’s face Sunday night during the “Revolution” event, causing an uproar with fans.

Friedman stunned fans at the Chase Center in San Francisco when he walked over to a child in the crowd, grabbed the drink his mother was holding, and threw the entire contents of the drink at the young boy’s face. Video footage showed the child’s mother reeling in shock, as the defenseless child got soaked and insulted. Social media immediately exploded with criticism of the professional wrestler’s actions.

Friedman’s fight against Bryan Danielson was overshadowed by the incident involving the little boy. The crowd immediately started to boo and audibly condemned the famous wrestler for his behavior.

Friedman was given the thumbs down and the loud boo’s continued to roar through the building as AEW announcer Tazz leant his voice to the conversation.

“Went a little too far there,” he said on air, according to TMZ. (RELATED: ‘I Ran Out Of Toilet Paper Brother, Help’: Hulk Hogan Reportedly Tweets Bathroom Update To 2.2 Million Fans)

Reporters questioned Friedman after the event, asking why he would throw a drink at a young fan.

“The kid looked thirsty. What’s the second question?” Friedman replied, according to TMZ.

AEW executive Tony Khan attempted to rectify the situation by condemning the wrestler’s behavior. He said he personally spoke to the young boy and apologized for the negative exchange.

“We had a serious conversation and I mean that,” Khan said.

“It’s not to be taken lightly. The young man, Titus, was a real pro about it. We’ll see Titus here again at AEW,” Khan said, according to TMZ. “I was just with him, and he was a real champ about it. The champion didn’t act like a champion there, but I think Titus was great.”