‘Why Is No One In The DMs?’: Dylan Mulvaney Complains About Lack Of Dates After Pricey Surgeries

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Dylan Mulvaney complained in a March interview that no one seems interested in asking the transgender activist out on a date despite Mulvaney having had several feminizing procedures to look more like a biological woman.

Mulvaney, who was invited to talk to President Joe Biden about transgender issues at the White House in Oct. 2022, told PEOPLE Magazine in March that although the TikTok influencer feels like “somebody who should not be single,” no one was asking Mulvaney out on a date.

“I’m getting a little impatient because, especially when you’re feeling yourself and even looking at that Grammys picture, I’m like that’s somebody who should not be single,” Mulvaney told PEOPLE. “But then you’re like, wait, why is no one in the DMs?”

Mulvaney’s dating life – or lack thereof – came up in the PEOPLE profile marking the first anniversary of Mulvaney, a biological male, coming out as a transgender woman in a TikTok series called “Days of Girlhood.”

The TikTok vlog will hit its one-year anniversary on Mar. 13, and Mulvaney is expected to host a live-streamed variety show with a “special little ‘Dylan does dating’ moment” segment. Although Mulvaney admitted that no one has asked the transgender activist to be in a relationship, that is a goal for the future.

“We’re working towards that,” Mulvaney told PEOPLE. “I can’t wait for the day that I get to show people that a trans person can be in a healthy, happy relationship.” (RELATED: Chelsea Clinton’s Picture Book Series Pushes Gender-Bending On Kids With Latest Celebration Of Trans Biden Official)

“I really want somebody to make me laugh because so much of starting to succeed and have these great things come has been a little serious at times, having to put this businesswoman hat on,” Mulvaney added. “But I think once I do meet that person that can add some levity, add some lightness back to my life and I know that I can make them laugh in the same way, that is going to chef’s kiss.”

Mulvaney recently said on TikTok that after coming out as a transgender woman, the social media influencer wants a first kiss “do-over.”