Minnesota Vikings Star K.J. Osborn Saves Man Trapped In Burning Car In Texas

Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Minnesota Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn became a hero after saving a man from a burning car at the scene of a fiery crash in Texas on Sunday.

The famous athlete described the horrifying experience on Monday’s episode of “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” telling fans he was on his way home in an Uber when a car sped by him.  It then suddenly crashed into a pillar and caught fire.

“I ran down there,” Osborn said, describing how he sprung into action alongside two other civilians that rushed to help. “I ran up, we initially pulled him out of the car, the car is burning, it’s in flames, he has blood on him, he’s bleeding, he’s obviously out of it. I’m thinking it’s gonna blow any second.”

Osborn described the next few moments at the dangerous scene. He said he assessed the situation and instinctively knew he had to help. “When I seen, when it was time to get him out, I ran down there,” he said, after repeatedly expressing his fear of the car blowing up.

“I didn’t feel much heat because we moved very fast,” Osborn said as he described the urgency involved in the rescue.

“We busted him out and I was able to carry him a little bit away, enough for us to get him away from the car,” he said.

“He was bleeding all over my shirt and everything,” Osborn said. (RELATED: Fiery, High-Impact Los Angeles Car Crash Kills 6 And Injures 9)

Osborn said he is planning to visit the man he heroically rescued. He has had time to reflect on the severity of the situation and expressed how fortunate he felt to help. “I’m just grateful that I was in the position to be able to help him,” Osborn said.

“I’m kinda still soaking it in. I couldn’t sleep,” he said.

Osborn told Schefter he wasn’t even supposed to be at that location at that time. He said he normally trains in Miami but found himself training in Austin, Texas, on that particular day.

Taking his luck one step further, the NFL star described how everything aligned for this rescue to take place.

“It’s crazy because I missed my first Uber, ” Osborn said on the podcast.

“Even if I would have made my first Uber, I don’t know if I would have been there for him,” he said.

“Right place, right time. I’m grateful I was able to help and I can’t wait to check up on him,” Osborn said.

“That was definitely the most crazy experience of my life, for sure.”