NHL Reporter Mike Harrington Intimidated A Little Girl And Needs To Be Publicly Shamed For It

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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This dude needs to be massively publicly shamed.

Like most professional sports teams across the United States (and the world), the NHL‘s Buffalo Sabres regularly give kids the opportunity to work with the team behind the scenes. This has been going on for quite some time, and everyone views it as an innocent and adorable tradition. After all, they’re just kids.

But if you’re a jackass like Sabres beat writer Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News, it’s somehow a problem?

Over the weekend, Buffalo invited a child to take over the position of the team’s PA announcer — just for a few minutes that is. And this dipshit Mike Harrington guy had a problem with it, like a total jerk.

“The Kids Takeover PA announcer has had a few too many Dippin Dots today. Yo kiddo, slo0000000ow down,” Harrington wrote in a Saturday tweet that has since been deleted because it pissed a shitload of people off.

Those people included The Athletic’s Tim Graham (who used to work with Harrington at the News, which is absolutely hilarious), and Graham responded to the tweet by referencing an earlier incident in which Harrington illustrated that he just can’t help being mean to kids.

“Today would be a good day for the video to be posted of Harrington chasing a little girl away from a Sabres media scrum a few years ago. She was Sabres junior reporter for a day, guessing 7-10 years old. I know the video exists. I’ve seen it. And it’s incredible,” Graham tweeted.

That tweet then led Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw to make the video public.

The clip is from 2019, and shows a little girl reporter who was clearly nervous and afraid to walk up to the media scrum. Well, a member of the Buffalo Sabres media relations team took it upon himself to encourage her and told the girl to “stand in there and put your microphone up.” (RELATED: ‘Sh*t Lightweight Hilarious’: LeBron James Says That His Son Is ‘Definitely Better’ Than Players In The NBA)

Well, in true knucklehead fashion, this absolute tool Mike Harrington shooed her away and told her “no” several times, shaking his head in the process.

As a father of two girls, it quite frankly infuriated me when I first saw it. Check out this scumbag:

And this wasn’t a one-time thing. If it were, maybe I’d say he was having a bad day and we should give him a pass (ok, probably not, but maybe). But the tweet from Saturday makes it a pattern of kid-hating behavior, and that’s just not ok.

Let the public shaming begin. This guy has it coming.