Video Captures Bizarre Fight On Southwest Airlines Flight

Public/Screenshot/Youtube — User: WFAA

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A fight broke out Monday on a Southwest Airlines flight out of Dallas, video captured by another passenger shows.

The footage shows what appears to be two passengers man-handling another passenger out of his tiny seat. People can be heard in the background yelling, “Let go of him,” and “Stop it, now!”

The man continues to refuse the people trying to drag him out of his seat, the video shows. Another passenger then comes out of seemingly nowhere and sucker-punches him. At least four men were involved in the altercation from what can be seen in the footage, but only two were reportedly removed from the plane.

The fight allegedly broke out when one man approached another man’s family “aggressively,” the latter told WFAA. The woman who recorded the video said she rushed to the back of the plane when the altercation began, attempting to keep her 10-year-old child safely out of the way. (RELATED: Pilot Threatens To Turn Plane Around After Someone Kept Sending Him Nude Photos)

Dallas police responded to the incident but made no arrests, WFAA reported. Southwest Airlines said it commends the crew for handling the situation, and for getting the other passengers to their final destination in Phoenix on time.