‘It’s Very Telling’: Ex-Biden Aide Says China Could Find Out Where COVID-19 Came From If It Wanted To

(Screenshot/House Select Subcommtitee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Youtube)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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A former aide who worked for President Joe Biden during his time in the Senate said Wednesday that China has the ability to find more information about the origins of COVID-19 if the country’s government wanted to do so.

Jamie Metzl, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who once served as the staff director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under Biden, testified before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic that, if COVID-19 occurred naturally instead of escaping from a lab, China and the U.S. possess the capabilities to find the intermediary species that spread the virus to humans.

Three years into the coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not proven which animal allegedly passed COVID-19 from bats to humans but has continued to forcefully denounce the lab leak theory.

“Technically we do, and we know that the Chinese government has actually been very aggressive in trying to find that intermediary host animal,” Metzl said when asked by subcommittee Chairman Rep. Brad Wenstrup if governments have the capability to find the intermediary host of COVID-19. “They’ve sequenced about 100,000 animals, they haven’t found anything. In SARS and MERS, as you mentioned, those intermediary hosts were found relatively quickly.”

“Given that the Chinese government has every incentive to find an intermediate host, I think it’s very significant that that hasn’t been found,” Metzl continued. “Everybody has a reason to want to find it, particularly the Chinese government, and I think it’s very telling that after three years we still haven’t found it.” (RELATED: Johns Hopkins Doctor Details Money Flow That Allegedly Stifled COVID Lab Leak Inquires)

Proponents of the theory that the coronavirus pandemic originated naturally have failed to prove which animal carried the virus from bats to humans. Some have theorized it could have been a pangolin, or another creature present at the Huanan wet market in China. Those, like Metzl, who believe in the lab leak theory of COVID-19’s origin argue that the lack of a proven intermediary three years into the pandemic is evidence that a natural origin is less likely.