REPORT: Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Launches Lawsuit To Lift Gag-Order And Share Details Of Their Relationship

Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Erica Herman launched a lawsuit against the golf legend in hopes of nullifying a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed when they began dating, citing it is an infringement of the Speak Out Act, according to a Wednesday report.

Herman dated Tiger Woods for roughly six years and seemingly wants to share her relationship details with the public, but is unable to do so under the terms in the NDA. The Speak Out Act provides an exemption in situations involving sexual assault or harassment, according to TMZ. It is currently unclear if Herman is accusing Woods of a particular indiscretion, but she appears to be taking the steps required to create a public platform to share more information, according to TMZ.

Court documents revealed Herman signed the NDA with the famous golf champion in 2017, when she first became romantically involved with Woods, according to TMZ.  She is now claiming the document is being wrongfully enforced and is fighting to nullify the terms that are currently restricting her to speak freely about her experiences.

The paperwork suggests Woods is attempting to ensure she keeps quiet about their relationship by aggressively enforcing the NDA through a private trust he operates, TMZ reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Family Of ‘Rust’ Shooting Victim Halyna Hutchins Launches New Litigation Against Alec Baldwin)

Herman is seeking clarity from the court about her ability to move forward in discussing her encounters with Woods, and is hoping the NDA will be declared as being invalid and unenforceable, TMZ reported.

The couple did not publicly declare the end of their relationship, but are assumed to no longer be together. They have not appeared in public together in recent weeks.

Woods has not publicly commented on the matter.