‘Why Can’t I Identify As A Black Lesbian?’: Piers Morgan Spars With Pro-Trans Activist On International Women’s Day

[Screenshot/Twitter/Public — User: Piers Morgan Uncensored]

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Piers Morgan got into a heated debate with a pro-transgender activist who argued that International Women’s Day should be more inclusive and welcoming towards trans women.

During a segment on TalkTV, a British news channel owned by Rupert Murdoch of Fox News, Morgan argued with television commentator Angelica Malin over whether International Women’s Day (IWD) should be canceled until progressives can come to a consensus on what defines a woman. Morgan argued that transgender women should be included in the IWD celebrations and that no one should have to justify their self-identification to anyone.

“Why can’t I identify as a black lesbian?” Morgan asked Malin.

“If I can identify as anything, without any need to prove what that is, why can’t I on International Women’s Day say ‘I’m Piers Morgan, and I’m a black lesbian?” Morgan continued.

Malin seemed astounded at Morgan’s questioning and dismissed it as, “absurd.”

“I mean, this point kind of ridicules trans people,” Malin continued.

Morgan clarified that although he has “respect” for transgender people that have truly struggled with their identity and have undergone gender affirming surgery. Although, he claimed that there’s no way for them to truly change the sex they were born into.

He then claimed that he did not respect anyone that decided they were a woman on a whim and wanted to participate in women’s sports or infringe on women’s rights. He took issue with “mediocre” male athletes transitioning and suddenly “crushing women.”

This isn’t the first time Piers Morgan has gotten into a fierce debate over transgender issues.

Morgan was called a “cunt” by a transgender activist during another of his TalkTV show in May 2022. The discussion between the two got heated when Piers claimed that although he supports trans people, he took issue with trans women participating in women’s sports. The activist claimed that most biological women, “don’t give a shit about trans women in sports.”