EXCLUSIVE: ‘Unwavering Support’: Rep. Chip Roy Writes Letter To Benjamin Netanyahu Affirming US-Israel Alliance

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Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy wrote a letter to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirming his “unwavering support” for America’s alliance with Israel, the Daily Caller has learned.

Rep. Roy expressed his desire to work with Netanyahu in the 118th Congress to deepen U.S. ties with Israel and protect the Jewish state’s right to exist as the only democracy in the Middle East. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Imperative’ — Chip Roy Calls On GOP To Move Forward On Bill Cracking Down On Illegal Immigration)

“I write to affirm my unwavering support for the historic partnership between the United States and Israel. Israel is our closest friend and ally in the Middle East. Our two countries share a sacred and unbreakable bond rooted in common values and the Judeo-Christian tradition. As Members of Congress, I desire to continue working with your new government to advance our long-standing, unshakeable, and mutually beneficial alliance in the 118th Congress,” Roy wrote.

“Israel stands alone as the only democracy in the Middle East and remains a beacon of stability and freedom in the region. I firmly believe that peace and prosperity begin with complete and total recognition of Israel’s right to exist,” he continued.

Netanyahu began his sixth term in December 2022 after his Likud party formed a coalition with other conservative parties. He was ousted from the post by a coalition government formed in 2021 following a 12 year run as prime minister.

Protests have erupted in Israel because of proposed legislation to limit the power and independence of Israel’s judiciary. The Biden administration has promoted a two-state solution to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict, a position criticized as anti-Israel by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise. Biden came out against Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul in February and called for consensus building instead.

The left wing non-profit leading the protests reportedly received $38,000 from the State Department since 2020, despite its partisan activity.

“Under no circumstance should US taxpayer dollars be going to undermine our closest friend and ally in the Middle East, the State of Israel,” Roy told the Daily Caller. “The American people gave Republicans the power of the purse and we should use it to defund any element of weaponized government that is not in step with the values of the American people.”


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