REPORT: Former NBA Star Shawn Kemp Arrested After Alleged Drive-By-Shooting


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Former NBA star Shawn Kemp was reportedly arrested Wednesday in Washington in relation to a drive-by shooting.

The Tacoma Police Department reported that an altercation broke out between people in two vehicles at roughly 2:00 p.m. and shots were reportedly fired in the parking lot of a local shopping mall, according to TMZ. One vehicle reportedly fled the scene and a gun was recovered. The fifty-three-year-old former basketball star was reportedly arrested for felony drive-by shooting at 5:58 p.m. He was placed in custody and sent to Pierce County Jail, according to TMZ.

Newly released video footage from TMZ appears to show a man, reportedly believed to be Kemp, wearing a red vest and approaching a vehicle with a firearm pointed at the car. The athlete appears to yell something before the trigger is pulled.

Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots before they began recording the altercation on their personal devices. They said Kemp drove around the parking lot and threw his gun into a bush before he spoke with police officers that arrived on scene, according to TMZ. The video appears to show Kemp waving down the police in an effort to flag them down and send them after the other vehicle that had fled the area, according to TMZ.

Recently released police audio recordings make reference to “two suspects shooting at each other,” and identify the make and model of both vehicles involved.

There have been no injuries reported in relation to this incident, according to TMZ.

A drive-by shooting is considered a class B felony and could carry a 10-year prison sentence if convicted. (RELATED: Woman Killed In Airbnb After Drive-By Shooting In San Antonio, Teen Suspects ‘Hit The Wrong House’

The Sonics legend was previously arrested for two drug-related charges dating back to 2005, according to TMZ.

Leena Nasir