Ancient Temple Filled With 2,700-Year-Old Hieroglyphics Discovered


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An ancient Pharaonic temple filled with hieroglyphic-enscribed blocks has been uncovered in Sudan, according to a press release from late February.

The discovery came during excavation efforts in the ancient citadel of Old Dongola, Sudan, by the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology and the University of Warsaw, led by Dr. Artur Obluski, the press release explained. During the dig, archeologists unearthed stone blocks containing pharaonic hieroglyphic inscriptions.

The expedition’s egyptologist, Dr. David. F. Wieczorek, identified the finds as elements from what appears to be a pharaonic temple, a conclusion strengthened by analysis of the script and the dressing technology used on the materials.

“This is a unique and unexpected discovery, as until now, despite nearly 60 years of archaeological research in Old Dongola, no traces from such an early period have been encountered. Therefore, confirmation of the existence of a Pharaonic temple on the site of Old Dongola, a thousand years older than the city which is dated to the 5th century CE, could shed new light on the history of the site, indicating a much earlier date for its foundation,” the researchers wrote in the press release.

Obluski also shared a photo from the site featuring Wieczorek, which also showed one of the blocks.

While the findings are conclusive, the interpretation is still technically a hypothesis at this point. These new discoveries come at a time when large portions of our understanding of ancient human development have been called into question. (RELATED: Mystery Surrounds Sudden Firing Of Notable Archaeologist. What Was He Digging Up?)

Discoveries of older and older human civilizations, along with our knowledge of how artifacts are destroyed by raiders and nature alike, suggests there is still much we don’t know. Unfortunately, large factions of the archaeological establishment are unwilling to do the necessary research to determine how much we need to re-write on an academic level.