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10 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement in 2023

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 Anyone with basic knowledge of social media marketing understands the impact and significance of engagement. No matter how entertaining your content is, it can not work well on the platform if it is not optimized. 

 Social media platforms replay and rank popular and high-engaging content to keep the users actively engaged. 

As a result, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, among others, have developed specific algorithms and features to encourage high engagement on their platforms and attract users.

It is why these social media platforms are also transforming into marketplaces and marketing tools for budding and established brands.

The question is, how can you increase instagram reach and engagemen today? This article will give you some tips. We will cover everything if you need to get Instagram followers. Are paid YouTube views worth your money? What are the helpful tools, etc.? Do you need to look up the best sites to get Instagram followers.


1) Consistency

I always tell my readers that there is no one golden rule for a social media strategy as the algorithms keep changing with time and technology. However, consistency is an exception. 

It is the key to becoming famous and earning a high engagement rate everywhere. 

The famous YouTuber Pewdiepie only had 12 million subscribers in 2013, which rose to 20 million within a year. The key was consistency. He posted daily videos on his channel that contributed to his immense growth.

Your content is ranked higher when you are consistent, so it reaches more users. It also proves your determination towards your job, which helps the audience develop respect and affinity towards you. 


2) Develop a Brand Persona

When you advertise or sell your products and services, sell your brand. Your products should speak for your brand. You need to tell people the motivation behind your brand and what it stands for.

For example, Chumbak, an Indian brand, is easily distinguishable from others, given its prints and designs. Similarly, Durex has created a brand personality with its witty marketing tactic. 

Your social media profile, bio, about, images, reels, et cetera should speak for you. 


3) Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a product of social media, and therefore are crucial to its engagement rate.

They offer exposure to a bigger audience, which is their followers. Thus, collaborating with influencers helps you increase your visibility.

However, picking the right influencer is crucial. Users recognize your brand with them. For example, Dove partnered with singer Lizzo as she is a firm advocate of body positivity. Thus, she was the right choice to convey their brand values and motivation to the users. 


4) Recognize your target audience.

Understanding your audience is the key to improving your social media strategy. You do not need to get Instagram followers or paid subscribers if you know your audience. Your content will effortlessly generate organic traffic.

Asking your audience directly is a way to understand them. You can ask them to leave a comment about what they’d like to see. Is it reviews, fashion hacks, recommendations, etc.?


5) Involve the audience

It is crucial to keep the audience engaged in some way. Directly engaging with the audience helps develop a greater affinity for your brand.

Your followers will feel noticed and acknowledged. As a result, they will engage more because they know they will receive a response from you.

There are multiple ways to engage-go life, do a question-answer session, polls, etc.


6) Stories

Stories last a day but are significant to the SEO of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Stories get more views than posts and engage the audience more than other means.

They are also the best option for releasing a trailer of your new product and for conducting polls and obtaining answers to questions.


7) Saveable and Shareable Content

Quality and the uniqueness of the content do matter in impressing your audience. However, you can create posts that invite direct actions. 

It means creating shareable and saveable posts. Memes, reviews, suggestions, tutorials, quotes, etc., are the most widely saved and shared content. Creating this kind of content will invite sharing and saving actions, which are central to high engagement.


8) Hashtags

Hashtags are also vital to social media SEO as they help users find content that interests them. Hashtags groups your content within similar niches. As a result, it can reach the right audience to get you high engagement and activity.

Furthermore, you must be mindful of your hashtags. Using too many hashtags confuses the SEO and drops the engagement rate. Thus, your headlines should be specific and to the point to reach the right audience.


9) Quality Is Important

Everyone in social media is investing huge amounts of money into setting up proper studios with perfect lighting, cameras, and sound. They understand the change that high-quality content makes.

High-quality content is not only ranked higher but also preferred over medium-quality content. It helps brands grow organic traffic. It is because it visually appeals to and demonstrates your products better. Thus, you organically gain followers instead of needing to get Instagram followers or any other paid engagement.


10) Analyse

Keep revising your metrics to analyze your performance. See which content did well and which was not appreciated by your audience. Analyzing your content helps improve your social media strategy to keep your engagement rate up.

It is also an opportunity for self-reflection to determine where there is room for improvement and what patterns to discard.



Social media is hard, but for those who are perseverant and determined to ace the game. Organic instagram growth takes time but bears fruit. That is why my search history will never have results displaying the best sites to get Instagram followers.

Therefore, aside from a robust social media strategy, you must have perseverance and patience to see results.