Hero Dog Rescues Owner From Deadly Black Mamba Snake

Photo by ERIC PIERMONT/AFP via Getty Images

Kate Hirzel Contributor
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A heroic dog in Queensburgh, South Africa, recently saved its owner by alerting him to a black mamba snake hiding behind the couch, according to a March 8 Facebook post from snake rescuer Nick Evans.

The owner noticed his Rottweiler acting strange and “pushing him away from the couch” over the course of two days, Evans wrote in the post. Upon moving the couch after the dog started barking, the owner discovered a black mamba. The dog immediately tried to attack the snake, but the owner held him back and called for help, Evans continued.

In many cases, dogs die when they attack venomous snakes because they get bitten, according to Evans. “I cannot tell you how many calls I get where people phone me while their dog is attacking the snake, resulting in a dead snake and at least one dead dog.” (RELATED: Dog Survives Mountain Lion Attack While Protecting Family)

The black mamba is the deadliest snake in Africa, according to PBS. Not all black mamba bites are fatal, but left untreated the snake’s bite can kill in seven to 15 hours, according to Kruger National Park in South Africa. Many southern Africans do not have access to anti-venom and have to attempt traditional methods of healing, such as herbal remedies. 

New York City experienced a 69% increase in snake complaints in 2022, according to the New York Post. A 14-foot python was found by the side of a Long Island, New York, road in February, the outlet reported in a separate article.

Evans did not immediately respond to Daily Caller’s request for comment.