JPMorgan Demands $80 Million From Epstein-Linked Exec

(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Yahoo Finance)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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JPMorgan is seeking more than $80 million from former executive Jes Staley in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, largely related to his relationship with late convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The suit attempts to force Staley to return the eight years of pay he received while working for the financial institution, Bloomberg reported. It further attempts to make Staley responsible for any potential payouts the institution is facing.

The bank also named Staley as the “powerful financial executive” referred to by Epstein’s trafficking victims.

“To the extent that Staley knew of, participated in, or witnessed sexual abuse associated with Epstein and did not report it to, or actively concealed it from JPMorgan,” it is Staley, not the financial institution, who is responsible for any injuries caused by Epstein, JP Morgan stated in the filing.

Cryptic correspondence between Epstein and Staley was released in mid-February, totaling more than 1,000 emails between 2008 and 2012. “That was fun. Say hi to Snow White,” Staley wrote to Epstein.

“[W]hat character would you like next?” Epstein responded, along with pictures of young women in “seductive poses.” The emails were released as part of a court filing in the U.S. Virgin Islands against JP Morgan. (RELATED: REPORT: Judge Who Approved FBI Raid On Trump Linked To Jeffrey Epstein)

“The plaintiffs have made troubling allegations concerning the conduct of our former employee Jes Staley, and if true he should be held responsible for his actions,” a JP Morgan spokeswoman told CNBC. “We expect all of our employees at every level of the firm act with honesty and integrity. If these allegations against Staley are true, he violated this duty by putting his own personal interests ahead of the company’s.”