State Sen. Robert Karnes Ushered Out Of Chamber For Shouting During Floor Session


Taylor Giles Contributor
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A West Virginia state senator was escorted out of the chamber Friday by the sergeant of arms for causing a disturbance on the Senate floor, WCHS reported.

West Virginia Sen. Robert Karnes demanded a bill be read in full while Senate President Craig Blair was explaining it, according to WCHS News.

Karnes shouted “Mr. President, I demand that the bill be read,” as the bill was being discussed in the Senate, WCHS reported. (RELATED: Former State Lawmaker Who Entered Capitol On Jan. 6 Announces Run For Congress)

West Virginia usually requires bills be read on the floor over three consecutive days, according to the legislature’s website. However, this rule can be suspended for each bill with a four-fifths vote.

Blair met with other state senators at the podium as Karnes continued to shout, WCHS reported. Blair called for a brief recess of the senate after allowing Karnes to continue.

Once the Senate came back from recess, Senate President Pro Tempore Donna Boley moved to remove Karnes from the Senate chamber pursuant to Senate rules, according to WBOY. Blair agreed with the motion and Karnes was then escorted out of the chamber.