Touching Video Shows Waiter Thanking Jason Derulo For Huge Tip


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous singer Jason Derulo left a $5,000 tip for a waiter in Nebraska, prompting the young man to post a heartwarming message of thanks to TikTok.

Jordan Schaffer was overcome with joy and gratitude when he noticed the famous artist he had been serving left him a very generous gratuity.

“Jason Derulo tipped me $5000 at Charleston’s Restaurant in Omaha,” Jordan Schaffer texted in a caption over a TikTok video. He gave Derulo a personal shout-out and thanked him for his act of kindness. “Hey Jason, thank you,” Schaffer said. “You just paid for a semester at my college. I can’t say thank you enough,” he said.

@jordanschaffer2 Serving @jasonderulo ♬ Nuvole Bianche – Yuval Salomon

The video clip showed Derulo at a table with a group of others, as he filled out the tip amount on the receipt.

“Wow, my heart’s beating really fast,” Schaffer said, as he looked on.

The grand total on Derulo’s bill was $795.99, but he was seemingly so happy with the service he received that he topped that up to a whopping $5,000 tip for Schaffer.

Schaffer held the receipt up to the camera to show everyone that his surreal experience was very real.

“I can’t believe this!” a grinning Schaffer added.

The receipt showed the total amount, and the tip amount, and as the camera focused back on Schaffer’s face it was evident that he was still taken aback. (RELATED: Uber Driver Gets Offered New Job After Committing Act Of Kindness For Teenage Passenger)

Schaffer returned to the camera with another personal message for Derulo.

“I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Omaha,” he said. “And I hope you see us again. Thank you so much.”

Derulo reposted the video to his own TikTok Thursday, alongside the caption, “Blessed to be a blessing.”

Leena Nasir