‘Endangered My Family’: Pence Blames Trump For January 6 Riot At Gridiron Dinner

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized Donald Trump for his handling of the January 6 Capitol riot in remarks at the annual Gridiron Dinner Saturday night.

“Make no mistake about it, what happened that day was a disgrace,” Pence said during his speech, according to the Associated Press (AP). “And it mocks decency to portray it any other way.” (RELATED: Nancy Mace Says ‘Congress Should Help’ J6 Defendants If They ‘Feel Like Their Civil Rights Have Been Violated’)

Pence’s comments come as the former vice president is said to be laying the groundwork for a 2024 campaign. In February, Mr. Pence said he was nearing a decision on whether he would run for president.

“I read that some of those classified documents they found at Mar-a-Lago were actually stuck in the president’s Bible,” Pence joked. “Which proves he had absolutely no idea they were there.”

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson recently released new footage of the January 6 Capitol riot he says “demolishes” Democrat narratives of the event as an “insurrection.” Multiple lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, have criticized Carlson for his portrayal of the riot. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer of New York demanded News Corp (and, by extension, Fox News) owner Rupert Murdoch stop Carlson from releasing any more footage.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky also criticized Carlson for releasing the footage, saying the portrayal was, “completely at variance with what our chief law enforcement official here at the Capitol thinks.”