Nancy Mace Says ‘Congress Should Help’ J6 Defendants If They ‘Feel Like Their Civil Rights Have Been Violated’


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina told CNN that Congress should help those imprisoned for charges related to the January 6 riot at the Capitol if they “feel like their civil rights have been violated,” Sunday.

Republican Congressmen Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and James Comer of Kentucky say they are planning a trip to visit January 6 defendants in their Washington, D.C. jail.

“What do you make of that? Would you join them on a trip like that?” CNN host Kaitlin Collins asked Mace. (RELATED: White House Attacks Tucker Carlson Over Jan 6 Coverage)

“I’m not joining them,” Mace responded. “I will say this. I have done a lot of civil rights work over the years as a state lawmaker and as a member of Congress. The very first bill I filed or helped work on was on a civil rights piece of legislation.”

“I would tell you, anyone who is sitting in solitary confinement or in jail, regardless of their political affiliation, if they feel like their civil rights have been violated, then we as members of Congress should help them. This is something that I have worked on a lot over the years, something I respect. I was the ranking member on the civil rights committee on oversight last year. That’s something that we should care about, the constitutional rights of citizens of this country.”

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson recently released new footage of the January 6 Capitol riot he says “demolishes” Democrat narratives of the event as an “insurrection.” Jacob Chansley, a January 6 defendant who has been nicknamed the “QAnon Shaman” for his peculiar headgear at the Capitol, was shown being escorted by Capitol Police through the halls of the building.

“This is about our justice system being so compromised, the very integrity and core of that which we wore as a badge of honor for the entirety of our nation’s history has been rendered a vile disgusting mess by a Department of Justice that was running amok, and they didn’t share the video of my client, the footage of my client, with nine officers surrounding him peacefully, wandering about, trying to help him, trying to get him access to the Senate chamber,” Chansley’s lawyer told Carlson during an interview Wednesday.