Angry Customer In A Unicorn Hat Sparks Up Outright Brawl At Taco Truck

[Instagram/Screenshot/Public — casa_del_sabor2]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Last week, it was a Taco Bell. This week, it’s a taco truck.

Outside of Las Vegas, there is a popular taco truck called Taqueria Casa Del Sabor, but recently, it looked more like another boxing pay-per-view event being held in Sin City. Well, as far as food truck fights go.

Things started when a man wearing a unicorn hat was seen yelling at the person managing the truck, and at one point, he was heard screaming, “your f*cking waitress was talking to me crazy.” Eventually, the unicorn man realized that he was being filmed, and then immediately shifted his focus over to the individual recording him. And that’s when things got crazy, with an outright brawl breaking out.

When things first started to explode, a man wearing all pink (who was pacing throughout the entire video) threatened to “shoot this motherf*cker up right now,” escalating the situation even further, but luckily, it never got to that point.

It was outright chaos:

What’s up with people fighting over tacos?

Just last week, I covered the brawl that exploded at a Taco Bell, and now here we go with a fight popping off at a taco truck. And it’s not just tacos anymore, now we have unicorn men involved. (RELATED: Stephen A. Smith Admits To Having ‘Personal’ Beef With Kyrie Irving)

And by the way, what a great move by the cameraperson to quickly get the attackers’ license plate before scurrying off, that was the real win in this whole ordeal.