Police Shoot, Kill Aggressive Zebra After It Nearly Bit Man’s Arm Off

Screenshot/Public/ABC 6 On Your Side

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Police were forced to shoot and kill an aggressive zebra Sunday in Circleville, Ohio after it attacked a man and nearly bit his arm off.

The male zebra reportedly charged at police as they arrived on the scene, according to ABC 6. One officer was able to scare the zebra away using his police car’s sirens and horn.

Ronald Clifton’s arm was nearly bitten off by the zebra, ABC 6 reported. He was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition.

The zebra began approaching first responders and the victim’s family a second time, reported ABC 6. Officers attempted to scare it away again but ultimately shot and killed the zebra. (RELATED: ‘My Alibi Is Solid’: DC Delegate Denies Releasing Zebras From Local Farm)

“Typically you’re talking about a very territorial animal whose job it is to breed them and defend them from any kind of animal who may be trying to take them away from him,” The Wilds Director of Animal Management Dan Beetem said, ABC 6 reported.

“This is pretty normal zebra behavior. These things can sometimes happen in an instant and that’s why it’s important that anybody working with animals like this be able to understand them and work around them safely,” Beetem added.