Brutal Video Shows David Blaine Getting Shoulder Popped Back In After Dislocating It On Stage


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous illusionist and stunt master David Blaine dislocated his shoulder while performing on stage in Las Vegas over the weekend, and had the shoulder popped back into place in front of the live audience.

Blaine was attempting to execute a stunt that involved jumping out of a nine-story scaffolding structure and into a foam pit on the ground below. The audience at the Resorts World Hotel watched as he jumped, but it was obvious upon landing that something had gone wrong. Witnesses said Blaine complained of pain after the fall, according to TMZ. Brutal video has since surfaced, showing Blaine in excruciating pain as his team worked to pop his shoulder back in place as the audience looked on.

Audience members reported hearing Blaine speak of his injury through the microphone he was sharing as he made his way closer to his team in an effort to seek assistance, according to TMZ.

The crew on stage attempted to assist Blaine but were unable to get his shoulder in place.

“I think we can pop this back in,” Blaine said. “Yeah, I think we can pop this back in,” he said.

In spite of their efforts the crew was unable to fix his shoulder, and Blaine reportedly started calling out for any doctors that were in attendance in the crowd, according to TMZ. Several doctors rushed to the stage and Blaine laid down while they worked on correcting his dislocated shoulder.


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Videos posted to Blaine’s Instagram shows the entertainer lying completely still and moaning in pain while the doctors worked on him. (RELATED: Joe Pesci Reveals Worst Injury He Suffered While Filming ‘Home Alone’)

Witnesses reported that Blaine continued to push through his show but required a short break in order to gather himself for the final stretch.

Sources close to the situation said Blaine is doing well and isn’t facing any permanent injuries, according to TMZ.