Financial Expert Explains Why The Economy Is Collapsing In One Perfect Tweet

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Financial expert Michael Burry sent one perfect Tweet on Sunday that explained why the economy is collapsing around us.

Burry, best known for his portrayal by Christian Bale in hit movie “The Big Short,” has been signalling the alarm for an impending, massive recession for quite some time. After Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse Friday and Signature Bank’s shut down, Burry took to Twitter with one perfect statement:

“2000, 2008, 2023, it’s always the same.” Burry wrote, now shared on his archive page. “People full of hubris and greed take stupid risks and fail. Money is then printed. Because it works so well.”

Burry couldn’t be more spot on about the whole process. The part that resonates most to me is his perception of people, because that is who we have to blame should the economy collapse like the dying star it is. It’s not the system. It’s not the pandemic. It’s people who’ve put us in this position with an intangible, confusing, corrupt monetary system. (RELATED: Expert Economist ‘Dr. Doom’ Predicts ‘Long And Ugly’ Recession That Could Change The World)

I’ve been bringing you updates from Burry and a slew of other financial experts for almost a year. There’s no telling where the economy will go from here, but billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller joked in October that using cyanide was the best way to avoid what’s coming for us.