NPR Host Ayesha Rascoe Says The Left Doesn’t Trust Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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An NPR host said Monday on CNN that American leftists do not trust President Joe Biden.

Ayesha Rascoe, who hosts NPR’s “Weekend Edition Sunday” and “Up First,” joined “Inside Politics” with John King on Monday. The two discussed Biden’s recent policy initiatives, which include increasing police funding, allocating money for crime prevention and hiring an additional 100,000 police officers.

King played a recent clip of Biden speaking about crime while in Philadelphia.

“Republicans are calling for defunding the police department and defunding the FBI now,” Biden said in the clip. “We’re going to fund proven strategies … so cops know the communities they serve. When we did that in the Biden crime bill, crime just plummeted,” he added, alluding to a 1994 crime bill he sponsored while in the Senate.

“The Biden crime bill is not popular — not so much for the community policing provision, [but for] some of the mandatory minimums in there — not popular with the base of the party but there he is,” King said.

“There he is,” Rascoe said. “And that’s who Biden is and that’s why a lot of the left has not trusted Biden. But the fact is they voted for him because he was what was on the plate. I mean I think he does have to walk this line and try to figure out how not to alienate the left but be able to, you know, tack to the middle.” (RELATED: Senate Passes Legislation To Block DC’s New Crime Law, Heads To Biden’s Desk For Signature)

“Because when it comes to issues like crime, people do want something to be done. When it comes to issues like gas prices, people don’t want to pay a lot at the pump. And so, he has to be keeping that in mind and that’s what you see him doing right now. I do think that it is a difficult position for him to be in, but he’s going to be himself.”

Biden has consistently tried to paint the GOP as the anti-police party, despite his own vice president praising Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to cut $150 million from the Los Angeles Police Department during the 2020 riots.