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9 Best Cardio Workouts For Fat Loss

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One of the most beneficial activities a person can undertake for overall health and well-being is engaging in different types of aerobic exercise, commonly known as “cardio.”

Regular strength training could improve your metabolism. It may provide an opportunity to torch more calories per workout and more calories at rest. Nevertheless, if you are serious about kicking your weight loss goal a step further, adding cardio to the mix is what you need.

Get the full benefit of any cardio exercise by keeping it low-intensity and low-impact. It means rowing machines, incline walking, or biking are some of your best options.

However, be aware that cardio trumps nutrition and strength training. Nutrition should remain at the top of the priority list during your fat loss journey, with strength following closely behind. You could also consider adding natural supplements to your diet plan for improved performance in cardio workouts.

Top 9 Cardio Workouts For Weight-Loss

Stair Climber

Stair climbers are excellent exercise equipment with many great benefits! Cardio sessions on a stair climber can improve muscle endurance in the legs, which is especially beneficial to lose weight or who find running too taxing.

Additionally, if you wear a weighted vest, you can use the stairs to increase strength and endurance training. Moreover, stepping on a stair climber is a low-impact exercise. It can be an effective way for almost anyone to get in a good workout without risking joint pain or muscle strain with more intense activities.

In just one hour of walking, your body can use up to 360 to 520 calories.


Swimming is a complete body movement exercise that may not only help you feel refreshed, but it could also help in burning a good amount of calories. Within a minute of swimming, you might burn around 14 to 15 calories.

There are different styles of swimming like breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, and backstroke. Breaststroke may burn fewer calories than butterfly which is an intense style of swimming and burns extra calories. You could add different strokes to your swimming sessions to burn the most amount of calories and lose weight.

Incline Walking

Inclined walking is a great way to replicate the calorie production of running with much less impact on the body. It can even improve running form and increase endurance. Inclined walking is an integral part of a fitness regime. It helps significantly develop cardiovascular health and maintain balance in lower extremity muscles.

Even if you’re only doing slight gradient or flat walks, engaging in this activity a few times a week can significantly improve overall performance. You’ll enjoy a low-impact exercise that burns calories without compromising your joints while improving your running endurance and form.

Depending on your starting weight, activity level, and the speed at which you walk, you can burn anywhere from 224 – 310 calories in just one hour.


Rowing is an exceptionally proficient form of cardio with numerous physical and mental advantages, and it’s not just for elite athletes. It is a low-impact exercise for all users, both beginner and experienced. The high-intensity movements provide an aerobic workout and build strength in your arms, shoulders, and core.

Rowing also increases leg endurance and pulling power, which are next to impossible to achieve with other exercises like running or cycling. This exercise can burn between 420-623 calories in one hour! Rowing has also been linked to reducing stress levels and promoting mental well-being.

Weight Training

Weight training is a great way to shape up and get stronger. You can start with affordable home equipments to build muscle over time, significantly improving your metabolism. The average number of calories burned in 1 hour of weight training ranges between 360-504 calories, meaning that you’ll be able to consume more food during your diet without feeling guilty. Of course, it’s important to note that eating healthy foods is still crucial no matter how many calories you burn during exercise.

Assault Bike

The assault bike is a piece of equipment unlike any other; the smooth, consistent cycling provides an efficient and intense workout. It’s not just for professional athletes, either. Low-intensity or high-intensity cardio exercise, like assault bikes incorporating into your routine, can help you reach your desired fitness goals. It is effective in burning calories 20-30 per minute on average. Still, you’ll also benefit from improved stamina and strength, which will help other aspects of your fitness journey.


This form of cardio not only burns away more calories but could also help you build a good amount of muscle as well. It could help you burn around 20-21 calories every minute, thanks to its intense kettlebell movements. These workouts are considered extreme full-body workouts which may range from beginner to more technical levels.

You could try to perform kettlebell squats or kettlebell one-arm swings that may involve multiple muscles at the same time. This could result in an increased calorie burn which would enhance the overall metabolic rate making room for more fat loss.


Boxing is an excellent way to burn calories and strengthen the muscles of your upper body. Unlike many other high-intensity workouts, boxing does not put undue stress on the joints of your lower body. It is an excellent option for people of any fitness level who want to ensure their training remains impactful without adversely affecting existing injuries or fatigue.

An hour-long session can produce severe calorie-burning results, with tests revealing up to 800 lost calories in an hour. It’s also an incredibly effective way to tone up, requiring patience and energy. Each punch must be precise and delivered with enough intensity to cause visible changes in shoulder strength and endurance.


For those looking to shed some pounds, running is an ideal choice. It fits easily into a busy schedule and requires minimal equipment, and running can be quite enjoyable for many people.

With the proper motivation and discipline, it is possible to go from spending all of your time on the couch to running five miles a day in no time. Running at a six-mile-per-hour pace will help you get there quickly, and you’ll benefit from burning an average of 557 calories per hour.

Benefits Of Cardio

Regularly participating in cardio offers multiple benefits, such as improved heart and respiratory health, increased energy levels, and enhanced muscle strength.

As a bonus, many people who perform regular cardio exercises may notice weight loss. It is all due to increased metabolism or the number of calories the body burns up during physical activity.

  • Performing regular cardio may help in improving brain and joint health. It could improve bone quality and may make your body less susceptible to bone injuries.
  • It could promote a good night’s sleep.
  • Moving the body and performing some kind of cardio with weight training could help in boosting mood and keep anxiety and depression away.
  • Cardio exercises could also help in regulating blood sugar levels.

Cardio workouts are customized to fit any fitness level, allowing you to progress at your own pace while still counting on positive results. With a wide variety of activities to choose from, there is something for everyone when it comes to performing regular aerobics.

Final Thoughts

Cardio is an essential factor to consider when trying to lose weight. Cardio can help expand calorie expenditure without manipulating your current diet plan. It allows you to burn more calories on top of the nutrition you are already consuming.

Of course, cardio should not be done with reckless abandon as it can become punishing and lead to injury. Instead, find the right exercise intensity incorporating cardio and strength training for a healthy balancing act, ultimately providing weight loss results.