‘Ain’t Taking No Sh*t’: Brook Lopez And Trey Lyles Ejected After An Outright Brawl Nearly Explodes In Bucks-Kings Game

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Holy cow, things nearly got crazy here.

Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown wasn’t completely clear on what exactly happened that nearly led to an outright brawl Monday night between his Kings and the visiting Milwaukee Bucks in a 133-124 victory for the latter. However, Brown had a message for the entire NBA after the fact: They “ain’t taking no sh*t from nobody.”

“I don’t know what happened, but ain’t taking no sh*t from nobody,” said Brown following the game. “Trust me on that. And they’re all going to have each other’s backs in there.”

Things sparked up when Milwaukee’s All-Star power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo was dribbling out the last few seconds of the contest. But it was the way that he did it that ticked off the Kings — slowly dribbling the ball and angling himself to get right in Kings center and power forward Trey Lyles’ face. Multiple Kings players even said after the game they were angered by Antetokounmpo’s antics.

In retaliation, Lyles attempted to steal the ball from the Greek Freak. Unable to do so, he then pushed him, which sparked up another retaliation — this time from Bucks center Brook Lopez, who got right in Lyles’ face. In response, Lyles then grabbed Lopez’s neck in a choking fashion, which caused Lopez to instantly grab the back of Lyles’ head. An outright brawl nearly sparked up from the skirmish, but luckily, referees, players, coaches and security broke up the two sides.

Both Lopez and Lyles were ejected from the game, and Milwaukee head coach Mike Budenholzer also pulled Antetokounmpo out for safety purposes.

Wow, insanity was so close to popping off in that whole ordeal. If everybody didn’t immediately react in breaking up Lopez and Lyles, a brawl would have most certainly broken out. Check out how Lyles instantly went for Lopez’s neck — things hit a boiling point from the start with their interaction. (RELATED: USA! USA! USA!: United States Destroys Canada With 12-1 Slaughter Rule In World Baseball Classic)

Just crazy stuff.