Diplo Says He Got Oral Sex From Man, Not Sure If He’s Gay

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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World-famous music producer Diplo told model Emily Ratajkowski that he’s received oral sex from a man, but that doesn’t make him gay, according to a podcast released Tuesday.

Diplo, best known for his hit track “Lean On” with group Major Lazor, amongst a slew of other chart-topping hits, told Ratajkowski  that he’s 100% sure that he’s “gotten a blow job from a guy before,” but claimed he couldn’t remember all the details. The claim came on Ratajkowski’s “Call Her Daddy” style podcast, “High Low,” as part of the 30 minute interview with the producer.

While Diplo doesn’t necessarily remember much of his gay oral sex experience, he does believe that the act itself doesn’t mean he’s part of the LGBTQ community. He claims the interaction wasn’t gay because he didn’t make any eye contact with the gentleman in question.

Ratajkowski doesn’t let him get away with much in the way of secrecy though. Apparently Diplo told her off-air that he could be a “little gay.” The model pushed him to open up more, which was actually kind of uncomfortable to listen to given the deeply personal nature. He finally decided he’s “not-not gay.” (RELATED: Is This Instagram Influencer The Greatest Social Climber Of All Time?)

Eventually, Diplo said he could see himself dating dudes into the future as “life partners.” Well, it sounds like he can’t make up his mind. So maybe we just leave him alone and let him do whatever he wants in the bedroom so long as everyone is of consenting age and species? Oh, and so long as he doesn’t give her a sexually transmitted disease as he was once accused.