REPORT: Kitten Dies After Saving Family Of Six From Massive House Fire

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Kayla Ivan Contributor
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A kitten saved her family of six from a tragic house fire on March 4, according to Fox 19 News.

Allysa and Marc Hall reported smelling smoke in their Forest Park, Ohio home after their five-month-old kitten, Nina, woke them at around 5:00 a.m., the outlet reported.

The couple roused their four children and escaped in time to survive, leaving behind all their possessions. Nina reportedly came outside as well but later went back into the house, per the outlet. (RELATED: Man Takes Nap On Couch Watching Sunday Football, Pit Bull Saves His Life)

“She somehow made it back in the house, made it up to the kids’ room, and that’s where she passed away,” Allysa stated.

Marc said the fire broke out after he tried to start the hot water heater, according to the outlet. The blaze tragically tore through the house, leaving the Hall family with nothing but the pajamas on their backs.

“It’s really starting to set in now that everything is gone. It’s definitely a challenging time. We feel like, if it wasn’t for the cat, we may not have gotten out in time,” Marc said.

The family is currently staying in a hotel, according to a fundraiser they started up on GoFundMe.

They plan to honor Nina’s life by planting a tree in their backyard in her memory and celebrating her short life every year on March 4, according to Fox 19 News.

“We’re thanking our kitten, Nina, and then we’re thanking God. She’s definitely here in spirit. She’s loved,” Marc said.