Tilda Swinton Puts Her Foot Down On COVID Filming Protocols

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actress Tilda Swinton pushed back against COVID protocols by refusing to adhere to on-set mask mandates while filming her upcoming movie.

The actress is over the pandemic and she doesn’t want to be restricted by rules or protocols any longer. She spoke out about her displeasure with COVID measures during her keynote appearance at South by Southwest on Tuesday, making it clear that anyone imposing rules on her would meet resistance. “I’m about to shoot a picture in Ireland, and I was told to wear a mask at all times, and I’m not,” she said to Variety.

Swinton openly spoke about the effects of COVID when she battled the illness, but she isn’t prepared to cooperate with  the pandemic rules when the outbreak is no longer a pressing issue in mainstream society.

“I’m sure this is being recorded,” Swinton said.

She told the audience she is “very healthy” after having overcome numerous COVID infections.

The actress touched on her individuality in the film industry, and how things have evolved to embrace selfishness.

“There is a belief that when you make a film, or write a story, that all the focus is on you as an individual,” she said to Variety.

“The spotlight is on you … One thing that I can attest to, that I am actually a real poster child of, is staying collective. You don’t have to get separated from your kin and your herd,” Swinton added.

Swinton addressed the younger generation and urged them to advocate for themselves.

“There is a such a new virus in the air about being an individual, which frankly speaking, people of our generation didn’t have to deal with, because there was there was more respect for and investment in collective action,” she said.

“But now I do feel that there is pressure on fine artists to cut ties, grow big balls and be a narcissist. And that might put a lot of people off.” Swinton told Variety. (RELATED: ‘The Pandemic Is Over’: GOP Rep Rejects Biden’s White House Invitation Over Vaccine Policy)

Swinton isn’t afraid to voice her views on COVID restrictions and she certainly does have a group of stars who share her beliefs. Fran Drescher and Woody Harrelson are among many celebrities that have refused to comply, according to Variety.