‘Non-Binary Climate Change Activist’: Tucker Carlson Mocks Left-Wingers In New Twitter Bio

(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson mocked left-wing elitists and activists in his newly updated Twitter bio Tuesday.

Carlson’s updated Twitter page describes him as a “non-binary climate change activist of color,” as well as a “visionary tech founder” and “CNBC market analyst,” and an “informal” advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The description then ends with two transgender flag emojis.

“Non-binary climate change activist of color. Visionary tech founder. CNBC market analyst. Informal Zelensky advisor,” the account reads.

The Daily Caller co-founder originally mocked liberals on his Twitter account, which has 5.8 million followers, by labeling himself “fully vaccinated” and listing his pronouns as “They/Theirs” next to an emoji of the Ukrainian flag. He also described himself as an “Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist, graduate of Harvard College & Yale Law School” and a “frequent visitor to the Aspen Inst.” (RELATED: ‘They Control Your Brain’: Tucker Argues The Left Uses The ‘Trans Movement’ To ‘Censor’ People)

Carlson previously said he created the first social media mockery over his anger toward the House vote to send $40 million in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The most-watched Fox News anchor has repeatedly criticized Congress and President Joe Biden’s administration for aiding Ukraine and Zelensky as the U.S.-Mexico border remains in an ongoing crisis.

“That Ukraine vote made me so mad, I’m desperate to amuse myself,” he said in May.