Aaron Rodgers Says On ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ That He Intends To Play For New York Jets

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Aaron Rodgers wants to be in New York, now can the Jets make it happen?

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared Wednesday on “The Pat McAfee Show” and revealed that he intends on leaving the Green Bay Packers to join the New York Jets, ending weeks of speculation of where the Super Bowl champion will go — or has it?

Rodgers said that he has intended on playing for the Jets since Friday, but it’s now up to both the Packers and Jets to work out a deal, which I blogged about earlier regarding it reportedly being a standoff between the two.

This isn’t really the most shocking news; I think most of us knew that Aaron Rodgers wanted to be a New York Jet. The signs have been pointing in that direction, and heavily at that, for quite some time now.

What’s most interesting to me is the fact that both the Jets and the Packers are in a standoff because, like I mentioned earlier, this is a total New York Jets move. After saying they were going to go all out to pull in Rodgers, they then get him laid on their lap, but now all of a sudden don’t appear to want to go all out.

I’m hearing that the Packers want three first-round picks for Rodgers, and hey, I get that the Jets might not want to give up the farm to get him, but … you’re the Jets. You haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1969. I don’t think you really have a choice to be picky like this, nor have the leverage to lowball. (RELATED: Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Stuns While On Vacation In Cabo)

You better get that man, New York. Send those three picks over and call it a day. Don’t screw it up.

No pressure … no pressure.