Some Guy Has Epic Freakout At Airport, Which Leads To Him Fighting Police And Getting Tased

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Getting tanked before a flight sounds fun, and then there’s this guy.

A video has been making the rounds online of a man going on an epic freakout at an airport, which then led him to fight police and get tased. And this all happened after he apparently drank three margaritas.

At least that’s what he told the police. Nobody acts like that off three margaritas. With his size, we’re talking about seven or eight of those bad boys — and the big ones.

The guy did have a bit of a point though, questioning officers as to why it’s a problem to drink margaritas when every airport in the United States has a bar, but I’m willing to bet he was being a bit rowdy on the plane, which is why he got kicked off. Why else would they do that?

It wouldn’t be because you smelled like alcohol, it would be because you were being a jerk.

After that exchange, he then brings up how he spent $2,000 on a flight, so again, I understand his frustration. But here’s the thing: I’m assuming he was acting like a clown on the plane, and you can’t do that. And you most definitely can’t start fighting the police after yelling at them like a lunatic, which you also can’t do.

Yes, he actually did this, and he was blasted with a taser for it.

You be the judge:

This guy brought up a couple of good points, but you can’t be yelling in an airport and screaming at the police like a crazy person. And then you fight them on top of that? (RELATED: ‘Golf Is Weird’: Paige Spiranac Hits Back At Ridiculous New Plan)

No wonder he got tased.