EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz Presses Biden Regulators To Preserve All Records On Potential Gas Stove Ban

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is pressing the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to maintain all records on any potential gas stove regulation and provide documents he previously requested, the Daily Caller has learned.

Sen. Cruz, Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce Committee, is sending a letter Wednesday to CPSC Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric and CPSC Commissioner Richard L. Trumka Jr. demanding they preserve records of his previous request for information, an internal memorandum circulated by Trumka about banning gas stoves and any records about potential or proposed gas stove regulation. (RELATED: Biden Admin Announces New Crackdown On Gas Stoves)

“Rather than answering the majority of my specific and detailed questions, your letter provided a rambling—and generally unresponsive—narrative regarding CPSC’s ongoing efforts to decide if Americans get to keep their gas stoves. Furthermore, your letter dismissed many of my questions and failed to provide most of the requested documents on this topic. As a Senate-confirmed CPSC commissioner, you have a duty to be responsive and transparent to Congress and the American people. I urge you to recognize those obligations,” Ranking Member Cruz wrote.

“Furthermore, in your next letter, please confirm that CPSC is preserving all records related to the gas stove RFI, your internal memorandum titled “NPR Proposing Ban on Gas Stoves (Indoor Air Quality),” and any pending or proposed regulatory actions related to gas stoves,” he continued.


Sen. Cruz Letter to CPSC Ch… by James Lynch

Cruz wrote a letter Jan. 25 requesting documents from the CPSC showing communications between the agency and environmental groups about a proposed gas stove ban. He also asked the CPSC questions about its research about hazards associated with gas stoves and how the agency’s regulatory decisions will be informed by such research.

The CPSC sent Cruz a response letter Feb. 17, which he believes is inadequate. Cruz included the initial documents request and questions in his newest letters. He is giving Hoehn-Saric and Trumka until Mar. 29 to respond to his questions.