‘I Just Froze’: Famous Actress Provides Details Of Alleged Sexual Assault

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actress and model Brooke Shields recently revealed she was sexually assaulted, and she dove into the details of her alleged assault during a candid interview.

Shields’ March interview with People was a tell-all that contained bombshell allegations against a prominent Hollywood executive. She began by talking about some of the content fans could expect to see in her upcoming documentary, then spoke in depth about the alleged abuse.

“Doing the documentary, you see it all together, and it’s a miracle that I survived,” she said, according to People. “I didn’t fight … I just froze.”


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Shields said the incident allegedly occurred shortly after she graduated from Princeton University. She expressed having difficulties finding work. It was the “lowest point of my career,” Shields said, according to People.

The famous actress claimed she accepted a dinner invitation from a Hollywood executive, saying, “I thought I was getting a movie, a job.” She had no idea what was about to follow.

The Hollywood executive reportedly told Shields she could call a cab from his hotel room, and he allegedly began assaulting her when she entered the room. Shields admitted to not being able to react or respond in the moments during and immediately after the alleged assault, according to People.

Shields kept the secret to herself.

“I kept saying, ‘I shouldn’t have done that. Why did I go up with him? I shouldn’t have had that drink at dinner'” she said.

She ultimately didn’t speak of the incident with anyone, and decided to keep to herself about the alleged assault.

“No one is going to believe me,” Shields said, according to People. “People weren’t believing those stories back then. I thought I would never work again,” she said.

“It’s taken me a long time to process it,” Shields said.

“I’m more angry now than I was able to be then. If you’re afraid, you’re rightfully so. They are scary situations. They don’t have to be violent to be scary,” she said, according to People.

Shields kept the secret for roughly 30 years.

“It was really easy to disassociate because by then it was old hat,” she said. “And because it was a fight-or-flight type of choice. Fight was not an option, so you just leave your body. ‘You’re not there. It didn’t happen.'” (RELATED: Paris Hilton Accuses Eighth Grade Teacher Of Inappropriate Sexual Contact)

“I’d always had a sense of disassociation from my body. From my sexuality,” she said.

“And it was just easier to shut myself off. I was good at it.”

The full story, along with more personal stories from Shields’ vault will be shard as part of her upcoming two-part documentary, “Pretty Baby,” according to People.