Pet Monkey Escapes, Rips Off Woman’s Ear, Gets Shot By Victim’s Family Member

(Photo by CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Kevin Harness Contributor
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A pet monkey escaped and attacked an Oklahoma woman Sunday evening, allegedly ripping the woman’s ear off before a family member of the victim found the primate and shot it.

Police officers from the Dickson Police Department (DPD) were dispatched to the Oakview and Grandview area upon receiving a report of a monkey sitting on the front porch of the victim, Brittany Parker, according to a report from DPD. (RELATED: REPORT: Locals Discover Remains Of Boy After Crocodile Beheads Him In Front Of His Parents)

Follow up from the animal at large incident.

Posted by Dickson Police Department on Monday, March 13, 2023

DPD police also requested the help of the Oklahoma Wildlife Department to take care of the primate, the report noted.

As officers arrived at the scene, the monkey reportedly jumped on the rear end of the patrol vehicle and then proceeded to run towards the victim, climbing onto her and injuring her, the DPD report alleges.

“He ran up my back and jumped onto my head, pulled hair out, and then ripped my ear in half like you would a piece of paper,” Parker said, according to ABC 10.

Parker was taken to Mercy Hospital in Ardmore before being transferred to OU Medical Trauma Center in Oklahoma City, the outlet reported.

The monkey ran off into the woods and local law enforcement searched the area for the pet. They were also able to locate and speak with the pet’s owners, according to the report.

The owners attempted to look for the primate themselves but they could not find it, though a family member of the victim later found and shot the monkey, DPD reported.

The body of the primate was recovered and has been sent to the Oklahoma Disease Laboratory for testing, according to the report.

In the state of Oklahoma, it is legal to own a monkey without a permit because state law classifies them as domesticated animals, ABC 10 noted.