‘I Tried To Get Your Answer’: CNN Host Grills Dem Gov Who Tries To Avoid Tough Questions On Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Poppy Harlow pushed back against Democratic Maryland Gov. Wes Moore on Thursday after he tried to evade tough questions on President Joe Biden.

Moore joined “CNN This Morning” and began discussing Biden’s recent track record, which included opposing a DC crime bill that would reduce penalties for violent offenses and approving an oil drilling project in Alaska despite pushback from climate activists.

“President Biden – you’ve been such a supporter of his, including a re-election bid,” Harlow said. “You really want him to run again on it in 2024. I want to ask you though about what we’ve seen in the past few weeks in terms of a real pivot to the center on key issues. For example, overturning the D.C. Crime bill which a number of Democrats including the mayor of D.C. were very disappointed with, a number of progressives really disappointed with that as you know. Also the approval of the Willow Oil project in Alaska. Do you support the president’s moves on both of those? What do you make of this pivot?”

“Yeah, the thing that I know is that, you know, the president, if you think about our first weeks in office. The president has been to the state of Maryland three times just in our first few weeks of office. The first time was to announce a partnership we have with the Frederick Douglas Tunnel which is going to provide 30,000 jobs here in the state of Maryland. The second is focusing on broadband infrastructure. Which is a huge priority of mine,” Moore said. “When I think about public safety and issue of public safety, we all know, the number one priority for any chief executive is making sure that your people are safe. Both safe in their own communities and safe in their own skin. And I know that you can have policing that moves with appropriate intensity and absolute integrity and full accountability and that is not a choice. You have to be able to do all those things.”

“Just to be clear, Governor, you support [the president’s] moves on the big things I just mentioned?” Harlow asked.

“Yeah, well I, when you look at what happened within public safety, you look at the state of Maryland, we were the first state to have red flag laws in place. We had, we essentially had universal background checks. We know these are things that do work when it comes to reducing violence inside neighborhoods. We also know we can’t stop there though,” Moore said.

“But, okay. Just to put a button on it. Are you in support of these two significant moves that President Biden made that have some of your liberal colleagues not very happy? Yes or no?” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Oil Workers Push Biden Admin To Approve Billion Dollar Drilling Project Being Fought By Environmentalists)

“Yeah, well I know that the president’s decision on a crime bill in D.C., you know, does not – when I think about the state of Maryland, we know that our impact and the work that we’re doing right now both with the federal government and local government to reduce violence in the state of Maryland that is working. We plan on continuing to double down on that investment.”

“All right, we’re out of time,” Harlow said. “I tried to get your answer on that.”

The Biden administration approved the Willow oil drilling project, which was met with opposition from climate activists.