Conor McGregor F-Bombs On Live TV While Making A Million-Dollar Donation

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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UFC superstar Conor McGregor f-bombed on live television while donating one million dollars to charity Wednesday.

McGregor appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” to make a public donation to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a charity launched after the 9/11 tragedy to help families of emergency first responders who died in the line of duty.

Frank Siller, CEO of Tunnel to Towers, lost his brother Stephen Siller on 9/11 when he was trying to help others at the World Trade Center. McGregor apparently couldn’t contain his excitement while speaking to Frank, and clearly couldn’t control his words, either.

“Frank, I’m honored to support you,” McGregor said. “I wanted to say, your brother Stephen is a fucking – excuse me, is a hero.”

McGregor immediately realized his tongue-slip and corrected the swear word very quickly, but the show was live, so there was no way for him to retract it or for the producers to edit it out.

However, McGregor made a very fast adjustment and continued speaking in an apparent effort to move past his blunder.

“He’s a hero. You’re a hero.” McGregor said to Frank.

The audience caught on to the drop of the cuss word and roared with laughter. Frank also got a kick out of it and smoothed the moment over.

“You had it right the first time!” he told McGregor.

McGregor proceeded to present the million-dollar oversized check to Frank. (RELATED: Conor McGregor Gets Hit By Car At Full Speed)

He said he intended to pay off the mortgage of a family that lost a loved one during rescue efforts at a recent fire in Buffalo.

McGregor tried to make amends for swearing.

“I would have to curse on Fox. I apologize. I apologize,” he told Hannity.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s the one place you can!” Hannity responded.