Enes Kanter Rips Adam Silver For Destroying NBA

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom slammed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for destroying the NBA, warning Silver would also likely take down Disney as he is rumored to possibly become the media conglomerate’s new CEO.

Kanter joined “Mornings with Maria” and discussed how he first noticed China’s infiltration of American companies through the hypocrisy of the NBA.

“The NBA was the first organization that went out there and said we care for social justice, we stand for more than just basketball and I just wanted to just study about what’s going on. Two years later, the whole China thing happened and NBA was silent and I literally reached out to everyone, including Adam Silver, nothing.”

Kanter said he began furthering his research and discovered China had infiltrated Hollywood, academia, big tech, farming and more.

Host Maria Bartiromo then noted Silver is a top candidate to be Disney’s next CEO.

“Is this going from bad to worse?” she asked. (RELATED: Basketball Superstar Enes Kanter Confirms He’s ‘Considering’ A Career In Politics After NBA)

“Everybody knows it’s not a secret now that he destroyed NBA – NBA as a brand, you know,” Kanter said. “And I mean, I think China will be really happy that now Adam Silver might take over Disney, but like I said, again, he’s going one woke company to another and I think it’s just not – that will be definitely not good for Disney because he’s going to destroy it too.”

Kanter then hinted at a possible congressional run, saying “America needs freedom and freedom needs America.”