Lawmakers Revive Bill Banning Child Sex Changes Last Minute After Volatile Debate

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A Kentucky bill banning child sex changes is headed to the desk of Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear following hours of debate Thursday.

The bill, which banned sex change surgeries for minors, had a slim chance of passing, but was combined last minute with Senate Bill 150, which prohibited schools from requiring that teachers use “preferred pronouns” and required parental notification of a child’s gender transition. The bill was passed with just enough time for the legislature to override a potential veto from the state’s Democrat governor, Yahoo reported. (RELATED: Pentagon ‘Actively Working’ To Find Doctors Who Will Provide Hormones, Puberty Blockers For US Military Kids Abroad)

Sobbing following the passage of the bill and the last-minute maneuvering by Republicans, Democrat Rep. Josie Raymond denounced the legislation. “I’m embarrassed and I’m appalled and I’m scared,” she said, WLKY reported.

Former Republican State Rep. Jerry Miller testified Wednesday that his “7-year-old” grandchild would be threatened by the bill.

“HB 470, when I realized it had a chance of passing, even though it restricts parents rights, it now became personal because my 7-year-old grandchild would be directly affected by it,” Miller said. “As a grandfather of two girls I was thrilled to learn my daughter was pregnant with a boy. I thought of all the things we would do together, like playing ball. That’s just not been my reality.”

Republican Sen. Stephen Meredith accused Democrats who opposed the bill of hypocrisy.

“I find this so hypocritical that people can do this for this legislation but can turn a blind eye to 50 years of Roe v Wade that killed 63 million innocent babies so don’t lecture me about caring for children when you openly support murder of innocent children,” Meredith said, WKYT reported.

Democrat Senator Karen Berg called the bill, “absolute, willful, intentional hate.”