Preston Spradlin Looks Back In Absolute Disbelief (And Pain) After Referee Ted Valentine Smacks Him Hard On The Butt

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You gotta love Teddy Valentine.

If you’re not familiar, Ted Valentine is one of six college basketball referees who were taken out of the 2021 NCAA March Madness tournament after one of them tested positive for COVID-19. During that time, they all ate together without masks, so the Indiana Department of Health banned them from being able to do tournament games.

For a second straight year, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee denied a reinstatement for Valentine.

As a result, Valentine is doing officiating work in the NIT, rather than the big dance of March Madness, but it might be a blessing in disguise considering this gem that he gave us during a game between Morehead State and Clemson.

In the second half of the contest (which the Eagles upset the No. 1 seed Tigers), Morehead State head coach Preston Spradlin had an interaction with Valentine at half court, and as Spradlin was walking away, he ended the conversation with a friendly butt tap.

And how did Valentine respond?

With a massive smack himself on Spradlin, and we’re talking massive.

In fact, it was so hard of a smack that Spradlin looked back in disbelief and pain, and it was absolutely hilarious to see — even the assistants on the bench were cracking up at the sight.

This was so great, you gotta love college basketball — and Teddy Valentine.

I’ve always loved Teddy, and I’m quite familiar with how he can be on the court, so this wasn’t surprising at all to see, but like usual, it was absolutely hilarious. (RELATED: REPORT: Jimmy Butler Made Miami Heat Teammates Listen To Nickelback As Punishment After Loss To Orlando Magic)

God bless you, Teddy. Never change, never change. And NCAA, let the man back in the tournament.