REPORT: Some Los Angeles Clippers Rattled After Plane Struck By Lightning Dropped Sharply In Altitude

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Holy cow, this would be terrifying.

In February while the Los Angeles Clippers were traveling to Denver to take on the Nuggets, their plane was struck by lightning and dropped sharply in altitude on multiple occasions, according to ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk.

The plane managed to land safely in Colorado, but the players were left extremely shook in the aftermath. Flying on a Delta Air Lines plane, the lightning strike left a mark on the tail.

Speaking with ESPN, Eric Gordon said he and the Clippers players were trying to nap when everything went down, but that “everybody was up after that for sure.” His teammate, Bones Hyland, took to Twitter to say “we thought it was over wit.”

Man … I feel for the Clippers here.

You know this messed with their mental well-being, for the simple fact that they lost the game to the Denver Nuggets, and then proceeded to lose three straight after that. Hey, nearly dying in a plane crash will do that to you. it’s gotta have some kind of psychological impact.

Luckily though, they’ve gotten over things pretty quickly, currently riding a three-game winning streak. But man, I can only imagine how horrifying something like that would be. It would definitely have me scared to travel for a while, but these guys had no choice but to keep going from city to city. (RELATED: REPORT: Three South Carolina Football Players Charged And Suspended For Allegedly Hiding, Trying To Escape With AR-15)

A very scary situation, but it makes me respect the Clippers players a lot more after what they had to go through.