‘Above Normal’ Weather Forecasts Issued For US Throughout Spring


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The eastern and southern regions of the U.S. are on course for “above normal” warm temperatures throughout spring, according to a Fox Weather report issued Thursday.

The expectations were set by the Climate Prediction Center, which forecast regions from Arizona and New Mexico, up to Colorado and across the rest of the eastern U.S. as “likely warmer” from April through June of 2023, Fox Weather reported. California, Nevada, and the region stretching from Utah through to Chicago will be likely cooler than average throughout the same time period.

The warmest temperatures are expected across the Gulf through to the Carolinas, Fox noted. In the short term, the same region is anticipating severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes, the National Weather Service said Friday.

High precipitation through spring might mitigate some of the drought experienced throughout the Plains region, Fox Weather noted. California’s drought has already been “deleted” due to extreme precipitation that started around Christmas 2022 and continues through March. (RELATED: California And Oregon Cut Off Salmon Fishing Season Because Of ‘Climate Disruption’)

The recent forecasts don’t fall quite in line with the Farmer’s Almanac, which predicts near-normal spring temperatures and lots of precipitation and thunderstorms across the Gulf and eastern portions of the U.S. Snow may plague the Great Lakes region throughout April, according to the forecast.