Los Angeles Dodgers Re-Sign Andrew Toles Just So He Can Afford Insurance For Mental Health

(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Contributor
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The Dodgers are incredibly cool for this.

Former outfielder Andrew Toles hasn’t played baseball since 2018, and has been on the restricted list since 2019. A large part of that is because of the former Dodger’s mental health battles.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have no expectations that Toles will ever be in baseball again, but the franchise is still providing contracts to him so he can afford health insurance and be able to receive mental health treatment, according to Wednesday’s newsletter from Craig Calcaterra.

This is such an incredibly cool story.

I have my beefs with the Los Angeles Dodgers (mainly their fan base) after some of the back-and-forth that was done in the 2021 National League Championship Series between the Dodgers and my Atlanta Braves, but I have to acknowledge the fact that this is decent. Very, very decent.

Most baseball teams (and sports teams, period) would just count their losses and get rid of the guy, making sure that they don’t have to spend any more money and then he just goes his separate way, and that’s that. They don’t care what happens to the guy after the fact. (RELATED: Logan Cremonesi Has Such A Great March Madness Hairdo That It Might Launch UCLA Into The Final Four)

But the Dodgers?

Honestly, they’re how corporate America should be, but never will be.