RAMIREZ: Want to Stop Soros’ Agenda? Follow Georgia’s Footsteps

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Luis Ramirez Contributor
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Republicans have been on a roll lately. State bills banning child gender-affirming care and biological men competing in women’s sports are spreading like a virus. Critical race theory and DEI are being fought head on thanks to Florida and Texas leading by example. McCarthy is being transparent with January Sixth footage, and there was a unanimous congressional agreement to investigate Covid’s origins.

With all this momentum going Republicans’ way, here’s the next thing they should be focused on: destroying the George Soros agenda.

Earlier this month, a violent anti-cop riot in Atlanta erupted over a new police facility’s construction. The facility would include classrooms and training areas to practice real-life scenarios like high-speed chases and shootouts. Considering Atlanta’s violent crime epidemic is so rampant that Buckhead wants to secede, a new police facility is definitely warranted.

Lunatic lefties were angry this was being built, so they threw a teenage temper tantrum. They claim “Cop City’s” location would harm the environment and militarize the police. Molotov cocktails, bricks, and fireworks were thrown at officers, and vehicles were set on fire. 

Miraculously, 22 protestors were slapped with domestic terrorism charges. This is definitely a 360 from the fiery George Floyd riots, where a Guardian analysis concluded most charges against protesters were dropped.

In Houston, 93% of charges were dropped. In Los Angeles, 93% of citations were not filed. The San Francisco prosecutor’s office dismissed all 127 “peaceful protest-related charges.” In Dallas, 95% of cases were not filed, and in Philadelphia, 95% were dropped.

It’s no wonder these Antifa types have the audacity to cause such mayhem. They know they won’t get punished. Contrarily, people like Q-Anon Shaman get sentenced to more than three years in prison for taking a police-led Capitol tour.

What do all of these cities (including Atlanta) have in common, besides being crime-ridden cesspools? You guessed it. They all have district attorney’s whose campaigns were funded by Open Society or other groups all related to the infamous Hungarian Prince of Destruction George Soros. 

Luckily, Georgia’s Republican-state legislature is taking action. They’re considering bills that would establish an oversight commission with the power to remove district attorneys and prosecutors from their posts. The justification for removal would include physical and mental incapacity, being convicted of a crime, “willful misconduct,” or “conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the office into disrepute.”

Obviously, Democrats are complaining. They are raising questions about the bills’ timing, since Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is currently contemplating pursuing charges against Former President Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia. Commentator Dean Obeidallah says the reason for the legislation is to prevent Willis from investigating Trump. Another critic, Lana Quest, said “Fani Willis is a threat” to the former president and Republicans “will do anything to stop her.”

To think that the Georgia state legislature would bend over backwards for someone who endorsed a losing Senate candidate for their state is a bit of a stretch. The motive is clearly citizen safety. Republicans have been harping on this issue for a while.

Another complaint is that the bills are racist, of course. “In 2020, we went from having five district attorneys that were minorities to 14 that were minorities, which is historic for any state in the United States,” Willis said. She went on, “I’m tired and I’m just going to call it how I see it…I, quite frankly, think the legislation is racist. I don’t know what other thing to call it.” Moreover, she says the fact that the state will have power to remove prosecutors from predominantly black areas and undermine voters’ preferences is also racist. 

Wow! What a unique, never-before-heard criticism.

One of the reasons we don’t have a direct democracy is to prevent situations like this. If the majority of people want anarchy and chaos, should the sensible minority be subjected to their bad decisions? This ties in to Alexis de Tocqueville’s “tyranny of the majority” concept. John Adams also famously included in the 1780 Massachusetts state constitution his idea of “a government of laws, not of men.”

Our government should be protecting us from the impulsive whims of the masses that are inspired by contemporary destructive fads our “leaders” preach.

This isn’t only a blue state problem. Texas has five Soros-funded district attorney’s: one each in San Antonio, Dallas County, Fort Bend, Houston, and Austin. Florida, Mississippi, and Missouri are other states with Republican legislative majorities that have Soros district attorneys. The fact that cities in powerhouse red states are falling prey to woke ideas of lawlessness and high crime rates is absurd and unacceptable.

Now is the time for State Republican lawmakers to introduce similar bills that grant oversight commissions the authority to remove woke prosecutors who put people’s lives and safety at risk. Multiple red states have caught on with banning gender-affirming care for minors and biological males from competing in women’s sports. Texas and Florida have set the blueprint for suppressing critical race theory and DEI. The final piece of the puzzle would be for Georgia-style anti-woke district attorney bills to be implemented across the country.

Even though one may feel hopeless and overwhelmed at the fact that the Left controls the majority of our institutions, these are the building blocks that must be laid out. They will act as the foundation for recapturing our country and making America’s cities beautiful again. All Republicans have to do is capitalize on the momentum.

Luis is a freelance journalist and former English teacher who currently resides in Texas. He can be reached in Twitter at @Louie_Ramirez97

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