Stunning Updates In ‘Yellowstone’ Off-Screen Saga Will Have Fans Stressed As Heck


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Promotional materials for the mid-season return of “Yellowstone” were unlisted by the show’s official YouTube account at some point in the recent past, suggesting we won’t be seeing a summer return of the show.

It’s unclear when the official “Yellowstone”account unlisted the YouTube video, but it was shared by Outkick, which noted that it had recently been taken down. Only those with the link are able to find the teaser, which is posted below.

“Yellowstone” was supposed to start filming the second half of season five in March so it could return to our screens in summer 2023, Outkick noted. It now appears that neither of these things is happening, and it’s easy to speculate on why.

Tensions between the show’s star, Kevin Costner, its co-creator Taylor Sheridan and other members of the cast and crew are apparently pretty high. Sheridan is reportedly “furious” with Costner over his shooting schedule demands.

Things have gotten so rough that other stars of the show have hinted that Costner might get killed off right at the start of the mid-season return. (RELATED: Study Reveals The Insane Impact ‘Yellowstone’ Had On One State)

Sheridan has a slew of other projects on his docket with Paramount Network, so we won’t be short of his incredible writing and vision for long. There are even strong rumors that Matthew McConaughey will lead the franchise extension with either the final season of the show, or an entirely new spin off concept (of which there are many!).