‘We Ain’t Giving You Nothing’: Deion Sanders Starts New Colorado Coaching Gig With Stunning Concept

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Deion Sanders is really going all-in to change Colorado’s football program for the better.

Just recently, Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion “Prime Time” Sanders went viral after kicking a player out of a workout for wearing white socks, which violates the program’s dress code policy.

And now “Coach Prime” is going viral again.

Sanders made headlines during Colorado’s first day of spring practice, telling his players that nobody was being assigned numbers for their jerseys. Rather, they will be starting off with blank ones and will be forced to earn their numbers.

“The coaches are going to bring you in every week, they don’t have to give out a number … every week it’s going to be judged, if you’re kicking butt then yeah, he gets his number …everything you do around here will be earned, we ain’t giving you nothing.”

Sanders went on to explain to reporters why he’s making his players compete for numbers.

“I’m old school, I come from the place you gotta earn it, when my school closed and I wanted to go shopping, I had to get a job and work and earn that. That’s why I appreciate those kind of things.” (RELATED: March Madness Crowd Erupts In Boos After FAU’s Alijah Martin Tries To Pull Off Flashy Dunk)

And this is why I love Coach Prime so much. Deion Sanders is such a G.